Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Don't Like It,..

Crason is not happy lately, in fact for a long time already..
Emo again I guess?
Things seem to change drastically since last year December

I cried when I was staying one last night in my old house in Sri Sinar
Too many good memories man..

Buddies showed up and we decided to took one last pic together in this room
6 of us, and yes, 6 of us still :)

Love this pic! Our branding, love to make this eyes always!!

A pic with my sis the day before our final moving out
This house was awefully empty *heartache heartache*
Mei mei, do you miss this house somehow? :(

Everything has its price to pay
Yay, you can clap for me moving into a new house
Even I myself feel proud that I can achieve what I wanted in my age of 25
Seeing parents happily moving in, sweat like hell doing housework
Their faces, that kind of satisfied light smile on their faces, priceless
Its like "Yeah, my son is so goooooooood" <-- perasan :p
I guess I have done something great to make my family happy
I smile too, a small one

However, soon, I realise there is something missing in my life
I miss my buddies, I miss that old place, I miss a lot of things before this changes
And.. is it weird? I am at home now, but I still feel the loneliness inside of me
The urge to get a new house, the aim to create a better living environment
I got it finally, but I feel like I have lost so much to gain
I.. miss my old life :(

Buddies, I miss you all
Miss all those boring meet up in my old room
Miss all those lousy jokes and lame talks
I miss you all.. so so much :(

Words can't even explain more in detail
I kinda throw this feeling behind slowly with the help of my love
Now that he is away, in Penang and Perak doing some jobs
I digged the feeling that I tried to hide beneath
I truly know how I feel now, I just want to hug someone and cry

I am too weak huh? Or perhaps I am too emotional
I don't care, I just want to be myself, especially to blog it here
How nice if we don't have to do this
Everything rolls back to where and when it started
Let me enjoy one more time please?
All those incidents, accidents regardless it might be boring or exciting
It's just too fast, I need to adapt myself to this new environment
I remember the last time when I met up with my buddies
I told Evon that I might be asking too much for them to drive that far to visit me
She said "Okay ah, no big deal ah"
She continued "Then we visit you 4 times, you visit us 1 time ok?"
That's so touching dear.. Thank you :(
Promise me, you guys would not forget about me okay?
I miss Elroy and Evon so much, so much to tell, so much to share
Yerr... Tears just won't listen to me now :(

So what to do? Alone in my room tonight
Gotta think how can I get used to this new environment
If I were to have a chance..
I'll take all of you that I love back to the start
And we love all over again
I'm sure, I'll definitely still be choosing you all over others
Buddies, my heart always



  1. have the same feeling when i moved out from my old house. so much memories. nothing is permanent, things around you come and goes. so is the people around you, but there is always memories that won't fade