Friday, March 2, 2012

Me and My Life

Did not blog for quite some times
I have to run my brain for few seconds to come out with a title for my post
There are many incidents, some are pleasant, some are sour
Can't really tell every single thing bout my life by blogging
But at least this post can project a little of my current life

There is one person who keeps me happy at all time
One sweet, cute, silly person who makes me smile when I think of him
That would be.. You~~ My dear Danny zai

My Valentine in year 2012 was with him
Came back from flight, we rushed for Bak Kut Teh (hilarious!!)
I mean, come on, Bak Kut Teh for Valentine's meal? lol
But it was all sweet, blissful moment
He bought me this!!!!

iPad for Valentine, that's so.. so.. so.. touching my love
With a thoughtful packaging, with words engraved at the back of iPad
Thank you B, you are the best person I met in this life
I don't mean if you don't buy me an iPad would make you a bad person
It's the effort and continuous love that you keep pouring makes it sweeter each day

Ask me, who is the best BF in my life
That would be you, my B Danny zai
I love you :)

Nothing changes so far
Still flying and trying to enjoy on every flight

In fact, just came back from Hong Kong this afternoon
Was there for 2 nights
Some pictures to share :)

Hong Kong was 17 degree celcius
Windy and hazy, it gives a little mysterious feeling

Dim Sum is always a must
Thinking back, I have never failed to have Dim Sum any time when I visit HK

I love Chili the best!!

And it is a must to taste them along with the chili flake

Standard, we surely order a lot
Waiter came to say Hi as they recognised me
And standard again.. "Wah, you guys can really eat huh? Order that much?"

Of course!! We enjoy 30% discounts as we are flight attendant lol

This is a take away counter
Quite interesting, they make use of the same pronounciation but different word
To promote their goose rice

Take me home! Take me away!

Bought a snack
Hot & Spicy is always my choice

Yummy Yummy~~

I took a little nap, woke up it was already midnight
Tried so hard to go back to sleep
Counting sheep, trying to sleep
People usually say this " Yatt Zack Minn Yong, Leong Zack Minn Yong"
I used "I love Danny zai ONE, I love Danny zai TWO" lol
Still can't sleep wei................. Pergi mampus!
Thus I stayed awake almost the whole night
Then woke up for a morning flight to KL

Reached home, started to camwhore
Showcase what I bought in HK

T-Shirt is for B
Pants are mine! Love the purple colour pant, trendy!

How do I look like?

Toothbrush set for my sister, B and me
It has a special function! I'll zoom in for you

It says this toothpaste is the best to use at night
Oh.. Morning using different toothpast, at night another brand

Sister complained office is too cold
I was thinking COLD = DRY
For you sis! Facial mist

This is the first time I uploaded my very own company trolley bag
See my key chain? So cool right? lol
Well well, this HK flight was all good
However, after flight, came home and I realized my wallet is GONE!!!
It has about RM700 in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How sad.. I just withdrawed some money from bank
Was planning to utilise these money for my entire month
Guess I need to re-withdraw some money again
I believe I lost my wallet during flight
And which bastard stole my wallet? Could be anyone on that flight though
Sigh, nowhere to trace, there's nothing I can do

Told mama about the whole story
She can't be possibly optimistic than me!
She said "Never mind son, just imagine how much those red wine cost"
Oooooooops! Yay, you know, these are free
Why are they free? Because.. lol
Well, I have been drinking red wine almost day and night for nearly 2 years
Hahhaa!!! Worthy ba, RM700 is nothing lol

Oh ya! This is the new Blended white Scotch Whisky served onboard
Ehrm.. I thought is to be served onboard?
Why is this bottle doing in my living room? :p
Because.. lol :P

I repainted my room a little
Love the Neptune blue and the Petronas green
Soon I'll post a full set pictures of my new house :)

Life is boring.. Day in Day out the same shit
Moreover when your company is not doing well
And all you hear are discouraging news
Plus you are paying home loan, credit card and sister's studies
What plays the most important role is all about money money money
Sigh, it's no fun to be an adult!

Anyway, I'm a man, I will carry all these responsibilities on my shoulder
Papa Mama, leave it to me! I'll not disappoint you
But before that..
Wait....! Can give me some money to get a new wallet first ah? LOL
It's March now, can't believe time flies so quickly
Let's work harder for a better future ba!
At least I need to work more for this month, to get back my RM700!!!


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