Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Friends, Like We Always Are

Went to Singapore on 26/03-28/03
Main purpose is to celebrate Wayne's SIA graduation
Decided to take Aeroline bus, for my very first time, on this journey through and forth

Wayne, he doesn't seem and sound happy, he claimed home sick
Ivy, as usual, steady and independent
Wayne, he started to drink now! Mostly beer and cocktail, I wonder what changed him
He is now graduated, ready for his solo flight tomorrow
Proud of him, two friends of mine are in the best airlines in the world SQ

Wayne, I guess he will be fine very soon
As I can see Ivy, she is pretty cool, calm and steady
a little girl born in 1990, she is totally the best example of all
I wish Wayne will not be that home sick soon, I wish him well
On the other hand, my selfishness.. Tells me..
There will be a day, Wayne will be like Ivy, they will not cry over me anymore :(
We might grow even apart, will find a better friend to talk with and that would no longer include me
Sigh, will you?

The first day, I was waiting for Wayne at Orchard road
Spotted! And I ran to him and cried
"I miss you! I miss you!!" with tears

The last day, Ivy and Wayne accompanied me at Harbour Front bus bay
I hugged them tightly, trying to control my tears

It came naturally, I guess it's fine to tear a bit right?
I love them, my two friends
Though things are not gonna be the same anymore
My feeling for you two, will be always the purest and at times I like to sit and reminiscing, at times I would keep this feeling deep down
We will meet again, one day, my dear friends

B, thank you so much for this trip
Without you, it would be so bored!!
Our little honeymoon, hope you enjoy all those meals and shopping :)
Love ya!

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