Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You and Me

This is about You and Me
Do you know why we have to say "You and Me" but not "Me and You"?
I remember my primary school English teacher told me
It's about being a gentleman, a polite manner, we always address ppl first before us
Moreover, to the person I love, of course, you are first :)

Hey B, I'm alone now at home while you are working
I miss you, it feels so weird when you are not around me
I need to tell you something, something hard for me to say it face to face

B.. I'm so sorry for being a nut doing all the crazy stuff that makes you cry
I never wanted to make you feel bad, not at all
It's my fault, and I'm changing for good, I'm glad I'm still conscience-minded
Sorry B, this would be my one last chance, I totally understand
I'll not disappoint you again, not in a million year

About yesterday, I should have brought you to the Pacific Coffee
I should spend more on you.. I want to see that smile again on your face
A true heart is here in me and it's just blissful to know that you are true too

Nothing more needed to be elaborated, I heart you, a lot
That's all I want to say :)


Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Lord.. I'm sick!!

I don't like this!!
I'm sick.. Real sick this time
It's been quite some times since my last viral incubus attack
Feeling dying, restless and extremely exhausted

My boy is so thoughtful
Got me sweet candy to soothe my itchy throat
Even make me honey drinks, herbal soup
Thank you my boy! You are so sweet!!
Though I've been taking medicine, I guess my determination to fight against these virus matters the most
I cannot be sick!! I refuse to be sick!

I'll be fully recovered by tomorrow!!
Sometimes you just need to tell yourself and be strong!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family dinner

As I planned to "reward" my family member a dinner
I planned it with my heart and soul
Planned it ahead one week or so
Wanted so much to take them for a great dinner
And I planned bringing my B too
This plan, didn't go so well

Yeah, it was not a luxury type of dinner
Just some Chinese restaurant serving oriental foods
But my parents love them
Sadly, sister was out with her friends, total last minute
And my big bro was not home, he spent a night out and kinda disappear
So left me and B and my parents

Family dinner?
You have got to be kidding me
It was incomplete, I'm kinda upset
I mean, I am so willing to pay for the bill and what on earth my sis n bro doing?
This isn't just about me, it's bout the whole family!
What's wrong with both of you?
Is it that bad to have dinner together?
How I wish I could slap both of them, telling them what it means by "Family"!

Anyway, the foods were awesome
Parents love them and I'm satisfied with the bill too
I just want my parents to be happy
Guess how many of us willing to spend on our family, instead of getting ourselves branded stuff or even something not practical?
Like I said.. I just want my parents to be happy
Papa mama, I hope you guys love the dinner
That's the least that I can do
I love you!