Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Lord.. I'm sick!!

I don't like this!!
I'm sick.. Real sick this time
It's been quite some times since my last viral incubus attack
Feeling dying, restless and extremely exhausted

My boy is so thoughtful
Got me sweet candy to soothe my itchy throat
Even make me honey drinks, herbal soup
Thank you my boy! You are so sweet!!
Though I've been taking medicine, I guess my determination to fight against these virus matters the most
I cannot be sick!! I refuse to be sick!

I'll be fully recovered by tomorrow!!
Sometimes you just need to tell yourself and be strong!


  1. Just stumbled on yr blog n spend some time back trekking it. I must say i find it very enjoyable,the way u write it, how you expressed your feelings, your emotions couldnt help but brought smiles n at times a tear. Keep up the good work n wishing you all the best in yr career n love life.

  2. Hello there:) enjoying your blog already. Hope you're cold is long gone and that you feel better soon.