Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You and Me

This is about You and Me
Do you know why we have to say "You and Me" but not "Me and You"?
I remember my primary school English teacher told me
It's about being a gentleman, a polite manner, we always address ppl first before us
Moreover, to the person I love, of course, you are first :)

Hey B, I'm alone now at home while you are working
I miss you, it feels so weird when you are not around me
I need to tell you something, something hard for me to say it face to face

B.. I'm so sorry for being a nut doing all the crazy stuff that makes you cry
I never wanted to make you feel bad, not at all
It's my fault, and I'm changing for good, I'm glad I'm still conscience-minded
Sorry B, this would be my one last chance, I totally understand
I'll not disappoint you again, not in a million year

About yesterday, I should have brought you to the Pacific Coffee
I should spend more on you.. I want to see that smile again on your face
A true heart is here in me and it's just blissful to know that you are true too

Nothing more needed to be elaborated, I heart you, a lot
That's all I want to say :)


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