Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Grandma

Just hung up the phone
Was talking to my grandma
Actually.. She has been looking for me for quite some times
And I wonder why I was feeling weird
And kinda ignored her text

Hello!!!! It was 14th of may
What a bastard of me didn't return any call or text
And today, I've finally decided to call her
Erhm.. Yeah, it's already 23rd!! Excuse me~~~~

Yawn~~~ I've been tired man
Flying none stop for 6 days
And I don't feel like speaking with others at all
It's bad huh? But.. I guess when someone is tired, they would rather to be alone
Eat alone, sleep alone, do anything alone just hoping that no one else disturbs his rest time
Are you feeling the same too??

But.. This excuse is not strong enough!!
I must apologize to my lovely grandma
Sorry sorry ah mah, I love you..
I was just busy, and tired oh, sob sob

I told her exactly this, the first thing she said...
Ah Chong, tired ah? Go get some rest then
Btw, do you want to webcam??
Omg my grandma so the canggih!! So hilarious, I laugh maximum hahaah!!

Captured this beautiful scene
I'm thinking if I were to post it in instalgram, how many "like" I'll receive
Cuz I always can see.. Edison Chen the HK artist, he loves to post this kind of picture
Damn many ppl like and comment
So.. Ppl, instalgram is unfair, quite a number of ppl like your pic bcuz of who you are, not bcuz of what you posted.
Sad huh? It's reality!!

Erhm.. Where am I going with this topic?
Sial.. I'll stop right now hehe

One last day off tomorrow
Gonna meet up with my besties
I'm so excited!! :)
Let me enjoy every bit of my day off and go back to work with a better mood ^^

You should enjoy your life too! :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'll Never Forget

It sure has been a long time since we last came here
We used to come all the time
The sea.. Never changes, does it..?
It's been rolling in and out like this, since long before we were born
It's been here for like eternity
It seems.. It's probably seen many things, heard many things..

It'll probably keep rolling in and out, in and out, long after our lifetime without a single change..

Hey.. Baby..

Remember we used to sit and talk like this when we were kids?
With the gentle sea breeze and the tranquil sound of the waves?
Just two of us.. Talking..
Do you remember?

Really? You do....?

So baby, you haven't forgotten about the promise we made that day?
Heheeee... It makes me happy :)
But aren't memories strange?
Just when you think that you have forgotten about something, it comes floating back into your heart
I guess it's just there in wait
Waiting for the right moment..
Why? We might even remember this very moment somedays..

In 10, 20 years.. When we are all grown up and married
And have kids of our own
Then one day..
When the time comes, I wonder what kind of adult we will be..

What kind of life that I'll be leading...?
I wonder what to make of this day..
I guess.. We will never forget this day

Yeah.. I hope you are right :)

And so.. Life is strange
Strange enough that might upset you
Making you staying all night up just to think through something, something might be just a really small tiny matter
Don't look down on life, it's actually a pretty amazing thing to carry on with
A decision, just a second, could change ur entire life
Don't ever do something hideous that would haunt you in future
Be cautious, be vigilant
You sure wouldn't want to cry a night long just to get rid of your guiltiness, wouldn't you now?

It's such a disgrace
I have done so much damages in my life before this
It's haunting me and I'm just so helpless feeling bad for what I have done
To whoever I love, pls believe in Crason
I'll be a better man, in no time
And.. I really love you
It's not easy for Crason to admit that I'm in love with someone though :)
Hahaa haahahaha

This is crazy!!!
Okay bah, good night you ouls!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Something to Remind Ourselves

Been going through my days as usual
Nothing much to blog about
Just a thing to share, some quotes I got from Desperate Housewives
It touches my heart, and I tear a little for it
It's just so real.. So truthful
The credit for honest sincerity

Don't mind me quoting it ya! ;)
It's the speech from Lynette Scavo, as the bridesmaid in honour, a toast for Renee & Ben

Renee & Ben
Your wedding is one of the best days of your life
Because it's the day you realize
I finally have the thing I need to be happy
And then.. You forget
So.. What happens next is..
Instead of waking up every morning and shouting "Somebody loves me!!!!!"
You start looking and thinking
"What do I want now?
What's the next thing I need to be happy?"
So.. You look and look, and you keep thinking you have found it but nothing works
And the reason that nothing works..
Is because..
That hole in your heart that you are trying to fill
Is already filled

You just forgot..

Don't ever forget, always remember how much you wanted to be loved, and how much you are loved
And I think if you can do that, which isn't easy
You will stop looking and realize you already..
Are happy :)

To Renee and Ben
And to remembering
I love you

Isn't it wonderful?
I'm so touched! By all these words
Try me, I totally understand what it means to be unsatisfied with things
How greedy to want more and more but we are actually just blinded by the worthless seconds of excitement
This actually reminds me that I totally need a self improvement
Be happy for what I have
Be contented of my current stage
Be cheerful always, do not show black faces to passengers (oops!!! Aha hahahahaha!!!!)
Be grateful and glad.. I have the best in my life :)

Would love to give credits to my lovely babies
My family, Evon.. Elroy.. And nonetheless, my boy
You guys are always the best
And... I love you all, so much!

It feels so good just to blog it out
For once, I really feel like I have the wonderful life
I will take any chance, any opportunity to maintain all of this
Thank you for filling up the hole of my heart, it means huge, tons a lot of meaning
Crason is so lucky, isn't it?
Muackz!! Send my kisses all over!
(I actually did do the kissing lips when typing this, Erhm.. Pyscho!)