Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fed Up Really, What A Life!

Please la!! Tolong la!!!
This month sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!
My roster is like shit, work like a dog but no money coming in
I'm so frustrated! Can't wait to finish this fucking June!!!!

Therefore, I called Elroy for a quick "release tension session"
Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Still can't get off my chest
I need a bomb, to kill everyone that's blocking my way!!!!!

[chill.......... Cool down please..........]
Sigh, basically this month allowance is cut by 1k
No longer enjoying what I used to receive and that's just so upsetting
Come on.. I need money for so many stuff, insurance, house loan, expenses. Etc
The question comes back to, who has so much influence to affect my company?
By who? How? What method? And which asshole?????
It's related to politic, not nice to discuss over here

But I'm sad.. I'm just no one..
I can't possibly change the entire operation
I can only follow instuction and again work like a dog
And thus it affects my emotion and I realise how vulnerable I can be
Feel so sorry for myself, letting all these crazy stuffs affect me
While I can't even do a thing to make it better

Hello!!! Enough of whining, it's in vain anyway
Just to let out my emotion, sigh, it feels better now
Look at those pictures, it's Jimi 幾米
Meaningful isn't it? They keep me warm in my heart

Btw, talked to Elroy about current gay boy
They all seem to have a nice body, big chest, 6 packs and so on
And suddenly.. I feel so small, I'm no body in this gay world
People tend to look at only gym fit guy
Guess outlook means the world now
While I'm still in the era of humanity and a cute smile does the wonder

How long can a seductive body last? Maybe a 20-50 years
I'm sure eventually a chest will fall like a nanny's big tits
And a 6 pack will go down like a giant beer belly
Can I say something? Inner beauty still means something to people
Hehhe.. I don't have a nice body but I have a good heart hhahhahah!!!!
That's why.. Humanity and a sincere warm smile mean the world still :)

I feel so much better after blogging out my feeling
I still care for my job
The amount of money that I could possibly earn
And also.. The amount of money that I could possibly save
Therefore, tomorrow never die~
i'll go to work with my full cheerful smile and drama maximum
End of flight, tired, complain and then sleep

Never forget, father's day is around the corner!
This time I'm gonna do Thai dinner for my father n family
Happy father's day!