Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bad Bad Bad Feeling

Were just thinking about how I felt for the past one month 
It was nothing but feeling uneasy and literally "beh shong" with everything
The heart pounding weird, it just won't leave me alone
It will be pounding normal only when I'm too busy with serving passengers with lots of side order LOL
When I'm free, it came back, haunt me like forever........
Sick of that kind of feeling

Most probably it's my company not doing well
And the effect directly affect my flying schedule too
Thus, I hate this June this month, work more but earning so little
Somehow I just realize that I'll not be able to earn as much as last year
Unless I do something else as a part time and unless someone would hire me working during my uncertain day off lol
Possibly.. Bcuz I am drinking too, drink too much for these years
Good news is that I have stopped for 2 days, HAHA
An achievement actually :)

Except having my sweet time with my love one at home
I love hanging out with my bestie, their appearances always calm me, soothe me
Sadly we can't do this too often, we all are working adult now, time factor
But I'm pretty sure, they have their life style and I have mine too
And we will never go too far away from each other
We will think of each other and think of when to meet up ah darling?? 
Hehe.. This makes me feel sweet :)

I guess it doesn't matter if my life is like a plain water, less drama
It will turn out to be just fine, a step on the road, step by a step
Something or someone will pop up and make my day
I wish you all well too! Cheers!

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