Monday, July 9, 2012

A Friend? Are You Sure?

Hey folks, this is gonna be a no picture post
Plainly about written.. Something I  have gone through today

Currently I'm in Kuching
The sectors that I was operating is 
1st day    KUL/TPE
2nd day   TPE/KUL/KCH
And that's why, I'm now in KCH

Something had gone wrong today....
I was assigned as the person in charge in Economy Zone, the position is BG1
Therefore, imaginable BG2 would be my assistant
However, he, the BG2, who was supposed to only to assist me.. is my senior, at least for 4 years

He insisted some kind of his own convenient procedure which is so called Sendiri Operating Procedure
While me, the person in charge, would like to go for Standard Operating Procedure
He then, was unhappy, went out with the cart and we did the service hence
Along the way, he was trying to improve his sarcasm
Using all those unpleasant sentence such as "Can I have a Ginger Ale? If you have the time la!"
Pause, let me recall everyone of us here
The so called SOP is usually a more difficult way to finish a task (maybe)
So, I could assume, he was actually hurting my feeling by saying those words
IF YOU HAVE TIME LA.....................

I kept it inside of me, getting angrier and angrier.............

After the service, I gotta help up with Business Class service
I sorta complained about him, being insubordinate to my supervisor
Her name is Jane, a Chinese too

After about 1 hour, she called to Economy (which I and that BG2 located at)
She wanted to see us, and I was feeling weird, thinking about "What's up oh?"

My goodness.... She there flashed our her laptop, showing us what's the correct SOP
And which, I was right and BG2 was wrong
BG2 got so upset, he left this word, exactly this word
"Crason, if you want to complain, you could have gone through me first
Before going to supervisor, thank you very much"
He went off, just like that..............................

I quickly ran to the Economy, I comforted him, talked to him nicely
About how I didn't know this KPC (Kek Poh Cii) supervisor would have interfered with this matter
He refused my kindness, he said this to me...................
"It's okay, never mind, I have never cried onboard, this is the first time
I treat you all like my brother sister, I can't imagine you actually betrayed me!"
In his age of 35, having 2 kids, and wife is currently pregnant too
While he is actually a bisexual guy, having a singh BF too, fucking his ass (seriously, no joke!)
He cried?! He really cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a while, he continued......
"It's okay Crason, I have learned my lesson today, never trust anyone
And thank you so much, I never thought this would happen,
I was just thinking of the convenience of we all,
Thank you so much ya"
continue sobbing...........................................

I was in the middle of clueless and also sad.. plus anger too
Why so much of drama?!!

1st point

If you could have behave, respect me as the person in charge in Economy
Not to argue with me about the way I wanted to do
And also not to laser me with your sarcastic words
Do you seriously think that this would happen?

2nd point

SOP is Standard Operating Procedure
I assume you might think your way might be better
But again, I am the person in charge
Can't you understand?! Person In Charge, bitch!
Don't ever tell me your so called Sendiri Operating Procedure when the fact is..
The fact is I am the person in charge now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! moron!!!

3rd point

He cried with tears, eyes were red, tears were true too
He gained sympathy from other crew, there was a crew, a stewardess crying for him too
She claimed, she could feel how sad he is.....................................
Therefore, almost all of them in my set of crew, thought he was completely "cham"
He then, can be said, gained all the attention
And me? The bad person huh?

My words to You....

Hey dear.. I do treat you as my senior, someone funny, someone hilarious
Mulut laser macam babi but funny as hell, I like the way you are
I even remember the first time I flew with you
I laughed until my ass drop, I damn like you man, I really do
This is the 2nd time, a disaster, I would call
You know what, I hate you for being a slumber person
Loaded the hot meal on top of the butter, it will melt do you know?
And also.. I did ask you to be more careful when you load those hot meals
You replied.. "Tak ape la, biar passenger complain so that the catering will put the butter aside"
This is the "Tidak Apa" attitude that I don't like
Come on, it's been 8 years you fly
Passengers are innocent, how would you feel when you receive the tray of meal with a melted butter?

I like you dear, love flying with you
This time... You totally disappoint me.........
I, honestly, treat you as a friend already
But why? Why do you want to defend yourself so much when you know you are not listening to my instruction
Not following the SOP? Why argue with me?
And when supervisor brief you, all you do is just blaming me?
I of course angry you!!!!!!! Very angry indeed!!!!!!!!!
But........ I don't like this fight.... I would rather I lose, You win..........

I'm sorry... My fault to cause this happen
I seriously don't care about win or lose... I just don't like to see you unhappy
Deep down, I know I am not wrong but I am sad to see you like that
Can we go back to the happy colleague we used to be?
Sarcastic, hilarious, mulut macam longkang and so on? Please?
Flight attendant, in this field, I guess there is no turning back
I only see you once a while, which is.. only once in 2 years actually..
I know you are not gonna stop hating me... This makes me sad...........

I do treat you as a friend................... I swear
After talking to my mama, BF and also Teresa, my colleague
I know, it's just me being stupid
You don't even treat me as a friend actually......................
This is so stupid, of me........ I'm stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To be feeling upset for so many hours, it's totally a waste of time

Final words 

You bitch, you listen now
I'll not treat you as a friend anymore, no next time
Keep on pretending you are the victim while we all know
You are just too ashamed of yourself, not knowing the SOP
And also berangan senior, thought you are the boss
NO, NO in a million year, at least not in my flight, BITCH!
Tomorrow.. Our last sector, KCH/KUL
I'll pretend nothing happen, you can go to hell

I'm sure you will spread my name..........
I'm sure this fight will last a century............
I was not wrong, and I ain't taking the blame
Let see how, you curse me? I will curse you too BITCH

Deep Down

Ikmal, I'm sorry.. Please forgive me
I didn't know our supervisor will act this way, I never wanted a justice
I just wanted to release my anger, that's all
I know, you must be damn du lan when she brief you about the correct SOP
But it wasn't my intention.. Never in a million year.. She is just too KPC
We surely won't be friend anymore..... I know it..
But I will always remember... How you made me laugh, how funny you are.....
A happy flight turns out to be like that..........
I am sad too....................... very sad indeed......................

Don't ever be soft-hearted again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again.. I tell myself.............


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  1. hey keep up ur good work and maintain the best cabin crew title :) U guys just won the title and u r part of that. Whatever u did going to make ppl proud of u ok ..