Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jumping Slide

Once in a year I need to go back to Training school in Kelana Jaya
With my office attire, sitting down and listen to whatever safety from 8.30-5.30
I do it every year, this time, I do it alone
No longer staying with my housemate Wayne
And he no longer works under the same company now, that's the reason why I'm lonely

And so, you gotta put on this dirty & smelly jumping suit
And EVACUATE!!! Hurry Hurry Jump!! scream out loud
It's kinda fun, although it's just a year once hehe
If, *touch wood* this is gonna happen in real, a real evacuation emergency
It's not gonna be fun, I swear

An epic happened during my lunch time
We had our lunch some where nearby
There is this old couple selling Fish Ball Noodle, which Ivy, Wayne and me used to order from
He was kinda annoying, seriously...... Please stop dropping by my table and ask me how I am
Cuz I know what you wanted is me to order from you again.............
Excuse me uncle, why can't I order something I want to chew? Chow Kuey Teow for instant
Told him that I'll pass his noodle this time, he immediately turned his back to me & walked off
WTH.... Tell you what, I'll never order your noodle again, NO NEXT TIME!!
It's just so weird that what makes you think that every time I drop by this restaurant
Is because of I'm craving for your noodle?!? For god sake, don't even think about it ok!

This time training, the instructor is such a bitch... OMG
She was too a flight attendant but she quit flying, came down to work as a safety instructor
Darling biatch, you were there too, an ex flight attendant too
Don't you look down on us!!
This job might not as good as what it may seem, but it feeds my family and my stomach too
God knows what you wanted to be a crew, I definitely didn't choose it for it's glamorous
I dive my feet in this industry and I guess the money is still "okay" to survive
That's all, biatch!  

But lately, whatever I do, I don't feel the excitement of it
Especially.. When the company has decided to go upside down,
My flying schedule is so dull and killing
I hope it will get better, so go back for a sleep, another bright day is tomorrow
By the way, I scored 97% for my test :)

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