Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Uniform!

To celebrate our national carrier, my good company Malaysia Airlines
A giant baby delivery, the A380 super jumbo aircraft
They have planned to changed our uniform, only for male this time though
As a matter of fact, this idea had been in their mind for many years
And the dream come true! Only after measurements been taken for 1 year plus ago
How thrilled (sarcastic maximum)
You should know how efficient is my lovely company :)
This is damn huge, can carry 494 passengers! include crew members, it's 500++
Damn, I wonder how the cabin and the galley looks like (a flight attendant)
Wow!! I wonder how spacious is the seat and also the Inflight entertainment movie! (a passenger)
I want to sell off all the seats! With discounts kekekke (my company)

Don't bother, it's not like I am gonna fly that aircraft anyway
They select all those seniors at least flying for 8 years, and supervisor would be at least 15 years
How cool....? New aircraft but the crew working inside are mostly.. you know LOL
I still need to say byebye to this greenie greenie
Have you with me for almost 4 years, I find nothing wrong about you except a little too old fashioned

Anyway this is a brand new imagine for us in this company
Some said look like a waiter, some said the suit looks classy
I like the vest, it looks like I'm a high class gigolo in the sky LOL
To be honest, the measurement is last year APR, now is JULY hello....
The vest is damn fit, almost tight
It's like wearing a corset, damn difficult to breathe
Or maybe I am just not used to wearing it yet

Malay colleagues said "Yang, ni macam baju raya la, kan? Cantik kau, klassssssss"
Yeah, without realizing, time flies and Raya is coming!
Oooppppss, it's already July, another half a year to say bye bye to year 2012 too
I hope this half year has served you well, anything fun to share? 
U go biatch, enjoy the rest of the half year too!

How is this uniform looking to you? Like it?


  1. the new uniform is nice =) so it's just a vest and no blazer/ coat?

  2. i think this time uniform look good compare to the greenie least fit u well coz last time a bit old fashion and too big for some of the flight attendance :P