Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be Positive

It's enough already
I don't fucking think I can take it anymore
Too much of whining, I don't wanna burden anyone anymore
Especially my BF who has been listening to me the whole time
I wanna blog it out, post it here to tell how I feel

Next month September I'm about to fly with 2 ass holes
When I saw their name, I was totally blank
In my heart, I just wanna get rid of them, wanted to change my flight
Through rains and storms, I finally found 2 colleagues to help out
Last week 19th, first day of Raya, I went to office after flight
Seeking help from a Duty Exec
However, it was not done due to some reasons
The next day, 20th I left for a 4 days trip
Going for Labuan 1 night, KK 2 nights
Tonight, 23rd I'm back! Went to office again.....
The DE was helpful but he has no authority to change my flight
He advised me to just leave the mutual swap forms here
He would TRY to ask his colleagues to help the next day

I don't really know how to express this feeling
I just couldn't help to feel upset
I have not been sleeping well
Even kept dreaming about these mutual swap thingy
Hoping it to be done asap
Even prayed and lighted up sticks to Guan Ying
Begging for blessings
Even talked to some close colleagues
Releasing my emotions
However, it seems I still am stubborn, couldn't get rid of all these nonsense
And I......... Just feel like crying, it's too stressful for me
OMG......... What's going on with me

I'll remember what you said, to be positive
I'll remember that I have to be strong
I'll remember that I have to face them one day even I could avoid seeing them this time
I'll remember what does not kill me, make me stronger
I'll promise to be tougher, stronger
Even if i could not, I'll just cry
And tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the following days
I'll still fight all my way

For now
I just have to be positive
I'll know the result tomorrow
People, please pray for me
Pray the unhappy Crason will be smiling again
And I thank you for this
Thank you....


  1. Ya, what does not kill you make you stronger!
    Be Positive, you can!!!!

  2. gambateh :P
    I believe u can.

  3. Good luck! Be brave. God bless.