Thursday, September 20, 2012


I'm telling myself it's just the 5th days
It's normal to feel anxious, frightening, and totally unsure about future
It's JUST the 5th days
When time passing by, I'll have my the 50th days, 500th days and many more

There are many things I'm regret that I've done it
And there are too, many things I'm regret that I haven't do it
What can I possibly do? To tell those important person in my life
That I truly love you all, and please stay strong with me

Aaaaahhh.. I kept typing it and erasing it
Too many things going through my mind now that I couldn't stay focus
Is this gonna be my forever morning?
Waking up in blue and keep thinking what to do?
I wish I know what I could do better

1 comment:

  1. Wake up in the morning, thank God that u able to wake up and get another chance to make things right before heading to bed again, waiting to get up again the next day. Asked urself some questions, what is ur expectation about life and all? how can u handle all the hurdles and predicaments? what do u want in life? Give u some example. Some people might just want to get up each day, go to work, earn money, pay bill, get married, have kids, retired with no financial constraints and peacefully leave the world, in the other hand, some prefer to work, enjoy life by travelling to all over the world, like to be single as tying the knot is not their thing. U gotta sit down, take a deep breath then follow by normal breathing, clear off everything in ur mind and go slow. Imagine the life that u want, slowly think of the solution to get things right. Ask urself how do u want it to be done, take baby steps, dont rush. Settle things one by one. Eventually, the burden on ur shoulder would be lighter and lighter. Dont keep everything to urself, u have a bf, u have got wayne, elroy and evon. Share it with them. I believe they are ever ready to lend a hand or ears for u mate. Stay cool and stay chill. Take care.