Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crason's Year 2012

What a beautiful year of 2012 is finally coming to its end
Like every folks walking on the street, I started my year of 2012 with lots of expectations too
I wanna save more money! I wanna have a better income!
Most importantly, family and friends and lover are all happy and intact with me
Never forget about health and safety, they must be always safe and in perfect health! Etc..

It's coming to an end, there are a few events that I would love to stress on
I love doing this with all of you, these can be very important or very common
To me, it is common, but because of you are the person I love, I treasure the most in my life
It makes a huge difference, don't take it lightly babeh, you all are my best of the best!!

First of foremost, Evon's big day! It was on 26th September
6 of us, gathered together, to witness this common and yet special occasion
Had dinner and red wine in Decanter PJ, it was a real good venue to chill out
Evon dear, do you actually know that I did purposely apply annual leave for your birthday?
Continuously for 4 years already ever since I am with this company
Dear, you are the most pretty of all in my eyes, always always :)

The next would be my another beloved, Elroy's big day, 14th November
Really gotta thank Eric for paying all the bill, you are our favourite little boy LOL
You too dear Elroy, I did the same thing, never failed to apply annual leave on your birthday
I purposely choose this picture, you have got such a affection with your big smile!
See...? Even Evon is feeling pah seh, didn't even look into the camera LOL
Dear ah dear, you are the most good looking of all! I promise :)

Recently, on 5th December, my boy's birthday! Yay!
Again, we, the 6 of us gathered together to celebrate
I am his someone special, definitely I gotta do something!
Let's have a great dinner, I mean great + expensive dinner LOL

I believe everyone was so so so excited when the main course being served
It was fucking gooooooood! Definitely fingers licking good!
Let me recall, I think...
Eric was very very very excited, Elroy is slightly below his excitement
While Evon was feeling guilty for this big meal, on the other hand Vincent already busy chewing the bone 
My boy, I am sure he loves the meal, he used to story how delicious and juicy of these..
Germany Pork Knuckle, YES! We all love it 


Alright, time to pay the bill
RM 534.20!!! LOL
To me, money is nothing when I can see all the happiness on their face
My boy, do you know how much I love you? 
Theeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee much, there is no limit :)

Special thanks to my buddy Wayne Chee, visited me twice this year
A year ago around this time, I was still crying like a bitch for his leaving to SQ
Seriously, this is another kind of special friendship that touches my heart
You are so damn funny, bringing me loads of jokes and happiness
Heart you too Wayne Chee!

I guess after we all got our loves, we have been soaking thoroughly in it without a limit
The practice of getting each and other an Xmas present is still on going though
This time, it's just 3 of us, truly we have never forgotten how virtue is our friendship

With only RM 15, you need to come out with something great and usable
There is a hidden rule, the present cannot be displayable item, it must be utilized in a good way!

This is it! I got them for my Xmas present LOL
Hey Evon, you are such a sweet heart, this note is etched in my heart, TQ TQ TQ~
And Elroy, you really love buying shoes huh? This time, a pair of sandal LOL
That was my little Xmas celebration, full of love, indeed :)

The above had cherish my days in year 2012
Nothing can ever replace nor nothing can ever erase them from my mind
For all the laughter and smiles, I sincerely bow for you all
You guys are always the best, always the best, I can ensure you :)

And.. Something else I would like to share...

I don't even know how it all begin
That one can pose a victory sigh with 2 fingers, in such a pain
To be honest, year 2012 has gotten me to the deepest dark hole ever
And I seriously have no clue, how and when it all started
I cried a lot in year 2012, suffered too much, thinking too much too
There was a movie said, when you hit the bottom, you will only go up
Have I hit the bottom yet? Am I going up now? Are things gonna be better?
I don't know, you tell me please

Things can go so wrong, that I finally take out my iPad
Went on safari browser and searched for "The true meaning of Life"
Hmmmm... This is really bad huh? Yeah, trust me, I know how it feels
Turn out, life as described, each day you grow, only towards the day of death
The burden you carry, will only stacked up more and more, each day, every day
Until the day, you learn Money is nothing, Greed is worsening, Materialistic is killing
And of course, many many more
For all the articles I have read, there was no one could really explain the true meaning of life

I think... Life is entirely up to us to explore
You could have a better life if you grow up in a damn rich family
But the life of a prostitute, is another kind of life that you might not able to explore
Back to the main point, it's totally your choice to experience what kind of life you wanted
Who do you wanna be? How do you want to achieve it? When can you see the result?
The power is within you, only you can do it
This is so true.. 

Crason always upload his happy smiling face (YES, almost 99%)
The day I was damn frustrated and lost, I seem to care less
I am one step ahead to understand the true meaning of "I am who I am"
Life is precious, get a life man if you are out there cursing me
This year 2012, I am still damn proud of these angels surrounding me!

Evon and Elroy
We three were born in the same year 1986
Evon and I used to fight in primary school, but now, 19 years of knowing each other
What else matters? I just wanna kiss her
Elroy was a late comer in between us I guess? Knowing him for 13 years
I don't care, I wanna kiss him too! LOL
Thank you my dear for always being my listeners and cry with me along
Nothing can ever separate us, nothing ever will
I love love love you two!


This soh zai, silly boy, I am with him for 1 year 3 month plus right now
He is the best, the best, the best, the best ever boy ever
When I broke down and cried, he cried with me
I was devastated, he said he would tell me a joke a day, to make me happy ever after
There are too many amazing moments he brought me that I could not explain in detail
The chemistry, the feeling is very special, when it is there, it will be there
I am so so so glad that I have met this silly boy in my life
You have made so much of difference in my life
Heart you... Always :)

2013 resolution?
Nothing has ever changed!
Money good, perfect health, better career! 
Seriously, I still prefer myself smiling LOL

Papa, Mama, Mei Mei, B, Evon, Elroy
And whoever has ever made me smile this year 2012, oh ya, include Wayne Chee
I thank you all with my whole heart, let's look forward to 2013
A better year, things will only be better
With lots of love... From Crason Chai

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taipei Family Trip 2012

Some days around October month, I brought my sister and mama to Taipei
A short trip, 4 days 3 nights
This is actually the 2nd time, first time was back then 2010
They keep saying how they miss Taipei scenery and also the foods
Well, mama and sis, it's time to enjoy all over again!

The night before departure, was practically whacked my closet to dress up for tomorow

Although I am a staff of this airlines, but it is compulsory for me to wear a decent attire
Have heard staff traveling in their short pant and got rejected at check in counter
I find it quite irritating, traveling is supposed to be leisure and self pleasure
Just bcuz you are claiming staff ticket, you are bonded with rules and regulations

Let's have a look, I think I am quite decent lol

Here to introduce my sis and mama
And that orange check in bag is the biggest I have
Go shop till you drop ya~~

OMG.. What a tired look I have!!!

In flight meal, the menu was Nasi Lemak Shrimp Sambal and Mushroom Omelet with Chicken Sausage

Seeing my mama and sis enjoying the meal, I kinda smiled in my heart
For some reasons, passengers who are not an air crew, they almost 100% love in flight meal
Now travel with this airline, although only one aisle aircraft, but you get to enjoy in flight entertainment too
My sis, a cute one, one munch takes 10 seconds I guess?
Or perhaps seriously, indulging herself with the in flight meal
She was the last one to finish her meal, while flight attendants already walking up and down to collect trays
In this kind of situation, we usually give a sarcastic remark
"All tray collected except passenger seated XXX, I think she is going to LONDON"
LOL.. Kasihan the passenger wahahhahhahahha

Too many beautiful pictures, I picked up a few to upload

It was bloody hot around Dan Shui
No wonder my mama showing sour face XD

This is the Lover Bridge, I think that's the name
We took ferry boat, loved the sea breeze

Went shopping of course, a lot of shopping actually

And makan makan makan, maximum, this actually ruined my diet plan but it was all worthy
Each store you passed by, they tend to stare at the foods for a few seconds

"Ah Chong, see see see this one? Looks so tasty oh~~"

"Ah Chong, see see see this one? Looks weird, but tasty or not??"
"Gor gor, I want to eat this!! Where is Ah Zhong Mian Xian???"
"Gor gor, I want to go to Hello Kitty restaurant!!!"

Crason, for once, being a good brother and son

We took cab, train mostly, walk all the way to here and there
Each day we woke up around 8am, whole day activity, and sleep at 11pm
I just want them to enjoy, they don't get to do this often
I just want them to be happy, that's what I meant actually

Choosing pictures to upload, I spotted this picture

IMMEDIATELY, tears drop... OMG mama, you are so cute
I love you.. so much..

Actually back to 2 years ago, my first time bringing them to Taipei

It was not exactly an enjoyable experience, I am feeling so guilty still
Something to share here,
I am a mandarin speaking crew, every month, YES, EVERY MONTH, I visit Taipei
Not to say I take things for granted, it's just I don't really fancy shopping or eating in Taipei
So.. When I brought them the first time, I was kinda annoyed by their excitement towards Taipei
WHAT AN ASS HOLE kan....? I'm sorry
Honestly, this time, is totally different
Even I myself enjoy to the max
Now I realize, it's good to let go yourself, loosen your mind and soul, it helps

We are planning on our next family trip

Perhaps on March 2013 to Hong Kong while it is still chilly windy
I am sure we are going to makan makan makan never ending again :)

I love you both!! Very Very much ^^