Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taipei Family Trip 2012

Some days around October month, I brought my sister and mama to Taipei
A short trip, 4 days 3 nights
This is actually the 2nd time, first time was back then 2010
They keep saying how they miss Taipei scenery and also the foods
Well, mama and sis, it's time to enjoy all over again!

The night before departure, was practically whacked my closet to dress up for tomorow

Although I am a staff of this airlines, but it is compulsory for me to wear a decent attire
Have heard staff traveling in their short pant and got rejected at check in counter
I find it quite irritating, traveling is supposed to be leisure and self pleasure
Just bcuz you are claiming staff ticket, you are bonded with rules and regulations

Let's have a look, I think I am quite decent lol

Here to introduce my sis and mama
And that orange check in bag is the biggest I have
Go shop till you drop ya~~

OMG.. What a tired look I have!!!

In flight meal, the menu was Nasi Lemak Shrimp Sambal and Mushroom Omelet with Chicken Sausage

Seeing my mama and sis enjoying the meal, I kinda smiled in my heart
For some reasons, passengers who are not an air crew, they almost 100% love in flight meal
Now travel with this airline, although only one aisle aircraft, but you get to enjoy in flight entertainment too
My sis, a cute one, one munch takes 10 seconds I guess?
Or perhaps seriously, indulging herself with the in flight meal
She was the last one to finish her meal, while flight attendants already walking up and down to collect trays
In this kind of situation, we usually give a sarcastic remark
"All tray collected except passenger seated XXX, I think she is going to LONDON"
LOL.. Kasihan the passenger wahahhahhahahha

Too many beautiful pictures, I picked up a few to upload

It was bloody hot around Dan Shui
No wonder my mama showing sour face XD

This is the Lover Bridge, I think that's the name
We took ferry boat, loved the sea breeze

Went shopping of course, a lot of shopping actually

And makan makan makan, maximum, this actually ruined my diet plan but it was all worthy
Each store you passed by, they tend to stare at the foods for a few seconds

"Ah Chong, see see see this one? Looks so tasty oh~~"

"Ah Chong, see see see this one? Looks weird, but tasty or not??"
"Gor gor, I want to eat this!! Where is Ah Zhong Mian Xian???"
"Gor gor, I want to go to Hello Kitty restaurant!!!"

Crason, for once, being a good brother and son

We took cab, train mostly, walk all the way to here and there
Each day we woke up around 8am, whole day activity, and sleep at 11pm
I just want them to enjoy, they don't get to do this often
I just want them to be happy, that's what I meant actually

Choosing pictures to upload, I spotted this picture

IMMEDIATELY, tears drop... OMG mama, you are so cute
I love you.. so much..

Actually back to 2 years ago, my first time bringing them to Taipei

It was not exactly an enjoyable experience, I am feeling so guilty still
Something to share here,
I am a mandarin speaking crew, every month, YES, EVERY MONTH, I visit Taipei
Not to say I take things for granted, it's just I don't really fancy shopping or eating in Taipei
So.. When I brought them the first time, I was kinda annoyed by their excitement towards Taipei
WHAT AN ASS HOLE kan....? I'm sorry
Honestly, this time, is totally different
Even I myself enjoy to the max
Now I realize, it's good to let go yourself, loosen your mind and soul, it helps

We are planning on our next family trip

Perhaps on March 2013 to Hong Kong while it is still chilly windy
I am sure we are going to makan makan makan never ending again :)

I love you both!! Very Very much ^^

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  1. Your sister bag is damn big...haha. Seems both of them very enjoy the trip and I believe your mum is proud of you! =)