Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Only Getting Tougher

Like I always say
It has never been easy to be an adult
When you are a grown up, there will be more responsibilities
You can choose to run away to be a failure creature
Or choose to face it with your whole heart
Normally, we will choose to face every single problem
In the process of facing the problem, sometimes you feel like running away...
Reminiscing your past, reviewing all the bads and goods that once stroke you

I was in Hong Kong, a long stay of 32 hours,
Had nothing but the best dim sum in the airport,
Went back to my room, watching HK series drama,
Playing with my iPhone, out of sudden, browsing through all my pictures, seeing my own facial expression
Well, thank you iPhone for the incredible camera roll album,
I saw many of my smiling faces, you know what..
I guess I couldn't smile like what I could before, not anymore

此深淵 如此的無底

Still coughing, been sick for more than a week now
I have a feeling, this common flu is gonna recovered any time soon
I want to have a better life, please give me another chance
I want to tell all of them that I really really love them
And now I just need to be brave and life goes on..