Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!

If you notice, I finally fix the music player widget
Phew, it wasn't running for a quite while, I didn't even know about it
Apparently, the one that I had been using Mixpod player is now closed down!
Through a little trial and error, I found this MP3 Player Widget
Successfully get my mp3 playing, however, only one song is allowed, oops!
Well, a blog without a sad song playing along, what it is a blog then? Hehe

Throwback to month of January, around 19th-22nd some dates around that time,
I was cursing, what the hell is my beloved company, the rostering department doing,
There was once a black and white saying that they will TRY to publish a roster 10 days before end of each month
THEY - WILL - TRY - oh yeah, I forgot the WILL and TRY
Eventually, February roster was published right after the whole company staff received their pay on the date of 23rd January!!!! Gosh, how late was that!
That was only the tip I encountered, not knowing it was actually a whole big fat iceberg at the bottom of the sea
Upon opening the slow portal, to check my roster, heart beating fast
GOD please give me day off on CNY! I wanna go back hometown!!!
YAY! I am off at least on 9-10th, the eve of CNY and the first day!
Wait...........!! WTH!! From 1-16th itself, I am having standby for 10 days!?!?!!?!?!?
Yes, it was damn real, 1-16th except day off, I was on standby for 10 days
And literally, I am only rostered to work for 15 days
One "good" thing to be a flight attendant, NO FLY NO ALLOWANCE
So, needless to say how much I was about to earn in February
That was so frustrating, I drove to office, to check with a few person in charge
Only to realize, the common answer would be "I can't help you" "Roster is out, I can't do anything" bla bla bla...
I couldn't even sleep well for 2 nights at least, kept thinking how to improve my roster, dreamed about me being called up to some good flights, dreamed about many many nonsense things

It wasn't over yet
On 26th Jan, I was about to do my 4 days trip
First night KK, 2nd night Taipei, 3rd night Bangkok
Just a call from office, everything changed!
It became, first night Bangkok, 2nd night Labuan, then go home, the last day standby at home
Oh man, 3 days ago, I was already shocked to see my February roster like shit
After 3 days, another one more drama?!?!?! Man.. I was so sad... :(
I was thinking to quit my job already, I mean, I am just a staff in this company
Especially my position, just another flight attendant,
If I resign, my company shall just advertise in any newspaper "Who wants to be a flight attendant?"
Another 1000 wannabes will come over for interview
Me? I am nothing to my company, they don't appreciate us at all
That makes me feel powerless... I cried eventually, had been holding up, broke down finally
After a while I was okay, life goes on, it's okay to cry, I usually tell myself this

And so, CNY was coming as the time goes by, and I was very very excited
Even the boarding musics were CNY songs! How thrilled!
After my flight on 9th, I drove all the way back to my lovely hometown - Malim Nawar, Perak
A long drive, tired + hungry
The very first thing, of course!!!! Red shirt!!!

My lovely hometown, so many relatives of mine are still living there
Some moved to KL, some in JB, some in Kedah all came back for CNY
Eat Eat Eat and Eat! Just spending time together, chatting and having a great time
I was smiling from the bottom of my heart,
Sniffing the ultra natural air in my hometown, telling myself how lucky am I to be a part of this family,
And whatever shit that happened right before this, all gone with winds,
To be able to be at hometown during CNY is a blessing, I am okay to face all kinds of obstacles :)

Back to KL, I have my Evon and Elroy,
This year CNY was unlike last year, but that's okay, everyone was busy with something,
I am glad that you guys came over still, Lou Shang with my family,
We gambled a little, and went for Bak Kut Teh too,
Thank you my dear friends, I love you all!

Hahahhaha!!! My favourite picture of this year CNY
My lovely grandmother, I call her Ah Ma =)
When I arrived at the door step, she came straight to me and hugged me,
Even kissed me on my cheek, I was embarrassed but I thought it was really really sweet
Thank you my love Ah Ma, and thank you for always telling me that you love me the most among all,
I remember how I spent my old days in my hometown and how I cried when I had to go back to KL,
When Ah Ma firstly got to know how to text a sms, she texted me first,
"啊聪,我是啊麽,我想念你,你有想啊麽吗?"  OMG!!! I just want to cry now 
I am so sorry Ah Ma, I know I have never been calling you for a long time,
I am fine here Ah Ma, it's just I am feeling embarrassed to express my love towards you,
But I will never ever forget how you love me, and I will just buy you the Olay anti-aging essence that you like,
It is one of the way I show my love to you, hope you understand your grandson here not so keen on expressing love to everyone
Ah Ma, I Love You!!!

Heard that this Snake year, we, the Tiger aren't not doing so well,
Hmmm... It does bother me a little, but one shall not be having negative thoughts,
Let's live life to the max! Bring joys to everyone's life, and our life will be easier,
A kiss to all of you! Muackz!!! Gong Hei Fatt Choy, a belated one :)

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