Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I may have celebrated Valentine's day before with 2 different person,
But having to celebrate Valentine's day with the same person, it's my first time =)
Now I can really tell, everyone is learning everyday, regardless of his age
This year, I celebrated Valentine's day with him again, I am so lucky!!

There is only person that I will ever named him - The Best BF ever
And he totally deserves this title, that is you, my boy
Through all the upside down scenarios, he is always there for me, it is almost a year and a half
All the misunderstandings, sabotages from others, disaster moments
We walked through them one by one, with tears and strength in our hearts, 
I must say, it wasn't easy but we did it! 

I am so in love with this picture
We are wearing almost exactly the same, having a good time in Ming Garden hotel located in KK,
I do know how much you love to stay in a hotel ahahhahhaahha, that's funny actually
Btw, look at your arm, that's one fine piece to be chopped off for a great collection :p

This year, we decided to have a simple meal
Simple is the best, I always believe that
Many many will come, I just want to stick with you! :)

Love each day
Thank you......... from the bottom of my heart
I have seen the world through your eyes, nothing matters except the relationship we have
(Not forgetting Family and Friends though, hehe)
Allow me to save some money, will get you a real nice present next year my darling!
For now, let's love each day, always we do :)

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