Friday, March 22, 2013

Hippo, in memorial

Hippo, a lovely male toy poodle,
The son of my partner, is missing
The bad thief broke into my house, cut off the front gate pad lock and took him away
This happened on 20th, around 4am plus
Hippo, are you doing okay there?
I miss you...

I actually got to know hippo when I started the relationship with my partner about 1 year and a half ago
Wasn't really close with hippo, until one fine day that my partner had to move from a terrace to a condo
Hippo was then placed in my house, spending his time with my the other two puppies Georgy and Yoyo
At first, he was practically moaning every night, making so much of noises
To be honest, I was quite irritated by hippo, though I understand how uncomfortable he felt in this whole new place
Time passed, about 1 or 2 months after that, I began to have more interactions with him
He is so cute! So adorable, but still... Very noisy and naughty!

Sooner I got even more comfortable with hippo, I take him to my bed
He would be there "manja-ing" while me playing iPad games
He knows how to dig into your arm and sorta begging you to sayang him
He knows the command of Sit! Hand! Left hand!
Around evening time, usually I'll take him out for jogging. This naughty hippo, like the other else, love sniffing around and pee everywhere as he pleased
As I call upon his name from a distance, he would run towards me, with full speed
Try to picture a fluffy toy poodle running, the body is like rabbit that small, running, his flappy ears are like flying, with his tongue flipping out, so cute..... He is so cute.....
A day like this jogging, follow by another day, days by days, I just love hippo so much..

Hippo quietly lying on me...

This is the only picture I have with hippo
I wish I could have taken more pictures with him..

When hippo was just 3 months old
How adorable.. *cry like hell....*
When this stealing thing happened
I was in Jakarta, I received a text from my sister around 8am
The beeping sound of whatsapp woke me up, which normally I didn't care much when I am asleep
That day morning, I felt something was not right, with my sleepy eyes, checking my whatsapp msg
I felt a knife stabbing directly into my heart, and the clear weather actually having lightning striking repeatedly,
Are you fucking serious?! Hippo is gone?!!!
Tears just spontaneously wet by eyes, I was still damn sleepy but the sad feeling just snapped like that
I was confused, what can I actually do?! I'm in Jakarta now for god sake!!!!! I want to go home!!!!!

After a while, I was able to contact my partner, he went crazy bcuz of hippo was missing
He cried n cried, sending me audio note, I was crying too... I want to go home.... I want to comfort my partner, I want to search for the missing Hippo!!!!
But I can't.. I was unable to do anything at that point

Finally I came home from flight,
This time.. No one barking, no one making noises
It was so quiet.. And my mama had already cleared hippo's dog house
This is so unacceptable..
I went upstairs, sat there smoking, thinking of hippo, eyes were wet again...

At night, my partner came over
I guess we were sorta pretended to be okay, until we got into my room at upstairs
We just hugged and cried like no body business
Tears wet our shirt, and it just won't stop, it was literally a crying out loud session
My partner was saying, the shirt that hippo was wearing, it was brand new and hippo only had a chance to wear once......
The shoes that hippo donning, my partner promised him to get hippo a new pair of shoes.... But he didn't have a chance
He kept saying how much he missed hippo, how much he loved him
That totally broke my heart, we were devastated, too sad to talk about anything else except hippo

That was me crying when I was in Jakarta

B, now that hippo is gone,
You are sad, of course you are,
He has been your son for 3 years plus
Every single tiny little thing about him, I'm sure you will not forget in your entire life
Mama said 有心人 frame 無心人
The bad thief must have been planning to steal hippo for quite sometimes, it's kinda an inevitable incident
It's kinda like an accident, no one can predict an accident
Don't cry too much liao k? You have been crying so hard for these 3 days...
Remember I told you about the fate?
Perhaps.. The fate of you two ends here, 緣分到此
We even talked about the 今生後世 輪迴
You have been such a good father of hippo for this 3 years plus, I'm sure in some points, you guys are gonna meet again
And then.. My partner was saying about the expensive dog foods and the luxuries thingy that hippo had been enjoying
He wonder how hippo is doing now with that bastard thief who took him away
Again he cried... Heart breaking..

Hippo, I miss you
But I must understand that the chances of getting you back are quite slim
I am only close with you for a few months, I'm already so much affected by your everything
I just want to say that I love you, truly
I hope that they caught you for a reason, perhaps is to breed with a female poodle
If that's the case, you are gonna have so many kids coming along
Whether or not you are coming back, I'm always ready to have a space for you to stay
If you hear me, please come home
And yes, don't worry, papa and daddy will do our best to find you
I don't know if you know how to take good care of urself or not but... please do.. Okay?

You win some, you lose some
The greater the pleasure, the harder the fall
It's okay to cry, it just shows how much you truly appreciate one's who used to exist in your life

And now.. Will you please help me?

If you feel me, feel the pain of me
Please help me to find Hippo too
I know the chances are slim but we won't give up
It will be great if you can help us too
Many thanks...

Hippo, please come home soon..
I love you..

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  1. why never meet you when i'm take MAS airlines going back hometown. Do you work on domestic flight?