Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is Thing Gonna be Better?

Things seem pretty tense lately
Just a day ago, on 4th March, I bang into a Malay lady's Nissan Grand Livina from the back
*Bang!* Her rear bumper gone cracked, my heart? Cracked as hell too

The very first thing, I immediately got down from my vehicle
Greeted her "Hello Puan" and started to apologize for what happened
Reassured her that I will get things fixed, not to worry, just take my cell number
As I was going to work, practically going for flight, I can't miss my flight!
All I can do, was to settle this once I came back from my flight
Oh very well, she was acting real stuck-up, wanted to see many documents of mine
And nevertheless, wanted to see my flight trolley bag too! What a crazy woman
Not so crazy actually, I can imagine how frustrated she might feel, that's so normal
I gave her everything she wanted to see, and I proceeded to airport with my nervous heart
I felt bad, real bad, I didn't wish to get involved in a car accident, who wanted an accident to happen?!
Do you think that I am that crazy, purposely bang into your car and enjoy all the dramas that come along?
Anyway, I went for my flight as I should be

During my flight duty, which was supposed to be 11 hours 55 mins doing KUL/RGN/KUL/KUA/KUL
*** RGN = Yangon, Myanmar      KUA = Kuantan
Yes, now you know it is not so easy to be a flight attendant
Fly to Myanmar 2 hours 50, back from Myanmar and go to Kuantan 40 mins and back
Damn damn damn fucking tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was a 2 hours transit in between, met a senior in the smoking lounge in KLIA
He was asking me, did I back stab him, commenting that he is lazy and being attitude problem
I was shocked, along the conversation, I found out.. Oooooohhhh
There was this useless fella, a 35 years old faggot, back stabbing me, telling off my secrets
This mother fucker 35 years old asshole, used to be a friend of mine
Since now that we are no longer a friend, he just broke all my gossips and secrets
Hmmm... Isn't this what a Tiger would face in this 2013 Snake year?
Mr. IA, you are such a scoundrel, and you are so small!!!!!!!
I know you have been spreading my name around, seriously, how childish you are!
Sigh, I have to let this go, I am never capable to deal with such a small person,
It's better to forgive and just move on
The best part, I just bang someone's car this morning and this happened in late noon?
How drama is that?! I must be a robot, I was totally numb.. I was not even angry

Crason ah Crason, perhaps I was born in such a life,
Too many rivals, too many enemy, too many small little tiny person,
The reason I wasn't feeling angry, simply bcuz I was just sad.....
The fact is, one misunderstanding leads to another, we couldn't be friend anymore,
All you do are to spread my name, tarnish my name with all your words
What are you trying to achieve? Some sort like exorcism? To cast me away?
Hmm... Do you really have to do that? I am sad... :(

Crason ah Crason, it has been like this, it is like forever
Everywhere I work, I face the same issue, 
From a waiter, to an account assistant, to a clerk, to an insurance agent, to a hotel reception, and now a flight attendant
Never failed, I have been facing this kind of shit
I think it has something to do with - I WANT TO BE MYSELF!
I love being straight forward, love to go straight to be point, trying to learn to be neutral
However, sooner later I turn out to be an AK47 bla bla bla just shoot out my point of view
Without knowing that I might have hurt someone
And also.... Sooner later, everything comes back to me, I am actually the one being wanted
But this year is different, Tiger is having a bad year
I gotta plan something! At least to protect myself!

Okay, now I plan
I shall not speak about whoever fault, even I have the chance
I shall not gossip about anyone
I will not argue, even if I am right
I will just zip my mouth, no matter how pressured I feel
I cannot be argumentative, just let it go!
I cannot defend myself, just keep my mouth shut
I know.... I know... If I ever open my mouth, things will be ugly
Okay........................ I just swallow everything, zip! 
And everything will be just fine.......... I just hope that the above can help :( 

For every smiling face, there must be a reason why it keeps you smiling
The only reason I could think of, I smile bcuz I have them in my heart
Family, Friends and my Love. 
This path might be difficult and hard, I will make it through
Love all of you. cheeeeeese 



  1. Beb

    Be Urself!!!

    Ur new reader

  2. Can I know what's song name that you are using for your blog?

    Haha. . xD