Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank you for Everything

Dear lord, today i have sin
Will you ever forgive me?
Today I have done something really wrong, stupid enough to ruin my career
For that one second, I thought I am gonna lose everything
I remember how I felt, it was a total shaking, a total upside down situation
I can't believe it! Not at all...
How could I!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to know a lady back to exactly 4 years 8 months ago,
A kinda fierce safety instructor who taught me first aid
With her for 2 weeks or so, I eventually find her a very no-drama personality, nothing hanky panky
All she wanted, was just us to concentrate in the class and learn something out of it
In my career, one of the hardest part, it is first aid
Tell me about hypoxia, cardia arrest, CPR, valsava manuveur, abdominal thrust Blah blah blah
A wide subject and all they talk about are sign and symptom plus treatment
I was damn new to this, almost everyone of us in my batch
She taught us patiently, even started to build a relationship
That was how I started to call her a mama, a lovely mama

OMG!!!! This photo is already 4 years 8 months old
Look at me!!! Yucks!!!! Similar but yet I feel completely different
Okay.. Back to the story
Back then she used to tell the story about how she taught those crew and eventually they fly off solo
When they come back, mostly pretend not to know her, some even just ignore her appeareance
She used to warn us not to be that kind of attitude
And so, each year when I go back for safety recurrent, I would visit her
Anyway please don't get me wrong, even if she didn't mention those thing about how one can be so ungrateful
I would still visit her, for I really like her personality, her everything
I respect her,love her, like another academic-mama

So this year, i go back for my recurrent as usual
I brought something for her just to make her happy
Chit chat about what's going on with my flying career blah blah blah
Even asked her to go to our class to teach first aid
She then, swapped with her colleague and my dream comes true!
She taught me first aid again! Yay! I had a great time in the class
She kept bragging about me being her product
As in she trained me when I was fresh and I am now already been flying for 4 years plus

After the class, we all sat for the safety exam
Which consists of 30 questions
From general knowledge to aircraft interior to first aid and also emergency
There is a passing mark of 90% which you can only make 3 mistakes
If not, your flying license can say goodbye and you just sit home until the next working day
You may come to office and re-do the test until you are passed
However, if you are failed, your flying license will become invalid
Which.... Someting wrong happened....................

I was damn nervous and thinking of my flight tomorrow
Hello..........! Im flying to Melbourne tomorrow okay
Which is so rarely I could get
How can i ever failed my safety and be grounded for next exam?!
But you know... Things happened without reason........

Yes man... Crason has never failed to fight for every opportunity to fly
Just to earn the tiny little bit of allowance to maintain my income
To support my living and provide a better living environment 
Me... Crason... Just want the money and... I dont know... Just money
And Maria mama... Just came in time to save me
From all the mistakes and my wrong doings
Oh god... How can I even repay someone who is not even in my blood stream
She is no one to me but a respectful instructor
And I treated her well, isn't because I want something in return
But today....... She totally saved my life

I owe you this mama Maria
Thank you for everythhing
如果没有你 我在哪里 又有什么可惜 谢谢你 谢谢一位愿意帮我的你