Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Friend is Leaving for Good

Once apon a time, I met this little kid
Same age as my sister who was born in 1991
An energetic, seriously sun-shine boy who loves to be friend with anyone
A friend of mine, whom soon to be only be in my memory
Priceless friendship, from the moment we become friend and to be soon aparted
This post is exclusively for you and for us, Elroy and Evon
We will miss you... That's for sure

This is the earliest so called "family picture" that I am able to trace
And it was how the priceless friendship started
Need not any fancy word, we just love hanging out together
Simple but happy

Do you remember that I told you to go visit the infamous Yee Mee again?
You just said "I don't like Yee Mee"
Hello....! Attitude problem yerrrrr!!!!

Back then, we went celebrating Evon's birthday at my hometown
Half way stopped by and camwhore LOL
Where is exactly your eyes?!

Okay.. Finally we can see your eyes kekeke

Oh dear, we were so close beforee
And I definitely hope we will be as close as now

Sunshine boy showing his smiling face? 
I bet Evon must be damn happy having you celebrating her birthday along

Errrrk? Who is that lean fit handsome guy??
Oopsss....! Suddenly 搶鏡頭 搶麥 hahahahha
Btw, Evon's boob looks so big haha
Errrrk? Friendship examination?? 

Thanks man, we all had breakfast with my old folks
This picture is priceless to me
You ever appear in this hometown, having my "usual" breakfast in hometown

And this...
My birthday celebration
You were there, thanks man...

There is some kind of friendship lasts a century
Though I wouldn't know how we all mean to you
But what I can see here, is that we truly value you as a dear friend
That we wish you all the best in your future
4 years, not too long, not too short
Chinese usually say 眨下眼就過了
So I now.. 眨啊眨......... 咦?還沒過咧!!!

Elroy, your face is so so so innocent
What's up dude???

No matter what is going to happen in these 4 years
I shall think that, changes are always ahead of what we plan
Till now, Evon has said the best phrase
Why don't we just relax... And see what's the future awaits?
It's too early to judge, to assume what's ahead, right?

But still, our hearts are aching, in pain
The flight is gonna depart at 11pm
One of our dearest friend is leaving soon, tonight
There are so many things I wish to tell you my dear
I keep them to myself as I know the most appropriate thing to say
I wish you all the best in future
The friendship we share, priceless
The moments when we all cry and laugh, priceless
And to know you in this life, is priceless 

Keep that sunshine smile alright?
Have a safe flight my dear friend.. 
Take care and I sincerely hope to see you soon