Friday, May 23, 2014

Year 2014, Everything is New!

Gosh, I left blogging behind for such a long time. Please let me colour my blog with new pictures.

Unexpectedly, I left my beloved ex company Malaysia Airlines, after almost a month of struggling and planning. It wasn't an easy decision. I love MAS since the first day I joined, unbelievably 5.5 years with MAS, I am sorry that I had to move on.

Before I left, I had one of the best roster ever in this 5.5 years time. I finally got my turn to visit Kuantan, stayed in a 5 stars hotel - Hyatt Regency. Nevertheless, Hong Kong and Taipei. And I flew with a few people that I truly enjoyed working with. In MAS, cabin crew are like one big family, the only regret of me leaving is my friends in MAS. Hmmm.. Perhaps the free wine/alcohol and the unlimited meals provided. LOL.

The beautiful sand beach in Kuantan - Teluk Cempedak.

My last meal in Hong Kong. Pork 'spare parts' Porridge, ZhaLiang (Rice Noodle Rolls stuffed with YouTiao), and also a cup of local instant noodle. I knew I am so gonna miss you HKG.. One of my favourite destination, best foods, best shopping, the best hotel Sky Marriott Hong Kong. Sigh.

My last Taipei, die die I must go out with this crazy girl, Shiryn Ong. She is considered one of the hottest flying mother, two kids but body maintained. She spent me an expensive buffet steamboat meal in GuoDaYe, thank you Shiryn. The temple I used to go, 福德宫, it seems kinda impossible for me to visit that temple anymore. It's kinda far from town, located at ShenKeng, quite an outskirt area. Hmm.. I have been praying at 福德宫 for almost 2 years though.. 
That last evening in Taipei, I sat quietly in my room, lighted up my cigarette, asking myself why the hell I want to leave MAS, a big change of my life, MAS has been my routine for 5.5 years, even now I still can feel the pain of leaving all these memories behind. The first time, I felt the fear, uncertainty, unsureness about my future. Is the new company is gonna take me further? Will I be able to grow in a new working environment? 

Last trip with MAS, 2 nights in Kuching, Sarawak.
The day view and the night view, I had so many chances to appreciate the beauty of this view for 5.5 years. But now, I can only imagine by seeing these pictures. That very last night, I realized, I would never ever go to Kuching again, simple logical thought, if I were to go for holiday, Kuching will not be my or any of my friends' and family's idea. If I ain't got you MAS, I would not have visited Borneo. There will never be TWU, SDK, BKI, LBU, MYY, SBW, KCH in my memory. Though I can only be a narrow-body cabin crew in MAS, I am still thankful to you MAS.. 

 Decided to leave my footstep for very last time in Kuching..

My last picture in MAS uniform. 

And what else? I moved on.. Didn't look back as my class with AirAsia X started 3 days right after my last trip in MAS.

And so! AirAsia X, my new company to fly with. Before I could get the flying license, classes and exams, assessments must be gone through. Days by days, woke up early in the morning, drove all the way to AirAsia Academy which located nearby LCCT without failed.

Days were busy, super contended, I was only busy studying most of the time for the past 1.5 months. Tired, but I was happy. A new environment, everyone (almost) is young, I feel like I am young still. LOL.

Inevitably, stress, fatigue, tension all came along as final exam approached. I am glad that I pulled things through and eventually graduated and now have done my first SNY. Two more to go before flying solo. So so much more to learn and digest.

Forgot to mention, year 2014, new job, and also... NEW CAR! Nissan Almera bronze gold with Impul bodykit. My first car lol.

Greetings, I am Crason, a flight attendant in AirAsia X. I am no longer a narrow-body crew like I used to be. Now I am flying further and there will be no domestic sector in my roster anymore. My company says Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra Long. Please join me to Xperience and Xplore the world. Yay!