Monday, June 30, 2014

First Month Flying LOL

June 2014, my first month flying with AirAsia X
It has been really weird for me to come forward and announce this
"Good morning, how are you doing? I'm Crason. It's my first month flying"
LOL seriously, in any airline, seniority is always meant something to some people
Well.. *Flip hair* I am not what your shallow minded thinking ok
I am here just to work and receive my hard earn salary in the end of the month
That's all, just like everyone else

This look is deceiving.. "You look so young! Are you fresh?"
Well well, I get that a lot.. tell me about it hahhahhha

One good thing I love my current company
I can finally put CRASON as my name! Unlike my previous company XD
 This time, I am gonna don this uniform, and fly to different countries

Re-visit Shanghai
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! It's been 2 years plus since my last night stop in Shanghai
Finally get to taste 麻辣烫 again, happy happy!

Shanghai view somewhere on a busy street, can't remember the name
P/S: The guy in blue isn't me, at all 

I got Incheon too!! South Korea!!
Strangest thing, I have never visited any fried chicken shop even though last time when I was with MAS. In here, my colleagues all go for this type of dinner.
Something new, not bad but seriously fullness up to my throat. Never again.

OMG....... This is what I have been looking forward!
I was in Haneda/Tokyo! First time in Tokyo!
Arrived at night, I followed my set crew to town - Shinjuku

It was the last train, still full of people

Here I am! Shinjuku!

Xtra happy! Jumping here and there!
Though it was summer in Japan, weather wasn't hot at all in the night
Cold weather brings hunger, agree?

Yummy supper!
The soup was so special, taste like egg yolk
And of course! My favourite always, Gyoza - fried dumpling

And so.. we hang out from midnight till morning
First time in my life I guess? I have never done this before
Hold my sleepiness till morning but it was worthy, I will tell you why later
Anyway, shall we say Ohaiyogozaimasu? Morning Japan! You're beautiful!

Ahahahhahaha this is it! Found this in one of the shop
They sell this openly, in public. In Malaysia, have to show I.C., 18years old only
Had some good laugh but didn't buy any
I have one lively and functioning at home, I do not need this yet XD

After that I was in Sydney and Melbourne
Got up from bed, ran downstairs to smoke
All hotels in Australia is Non-Smoking, by law
Do I have a choice? Don't think so lol..
Anyway it was Winter in Australia, icy cold wind, I love winter!

Ya, this is for someone special
Look what I found?? Kiss kiss kiss ^^

After that I was in Nagoya! For my very first time too!
It was a long stay. Arrived in the morning, next day off, and depart next evening
KitKat is a must! All types! Wasabi,  Sakura, Green Tea, Strawberry, Red Bean
And of course Bento too! My family members love them!
So I really don't mind spending money on these, so long they are happy ^^

I had so much fun!
Don't want to go back to KL is it? Haha, I laugh
It's time to go home! Let's snap a picture!

Wait wait wait!! I am not ready!!

Hola! We are the ambassadors of AirAsia X
Please join us in our smooth and pleasant journey around the world
(Seriously it feels so good to be surrounded by a bunch of hot stuffs keke)

So today, 30th June 2014, marked my first full month with AirAsia X
You don't have to tell me, even I myself can feel that I am much happier now lalala~
Guess the step to move forward is worthy after all!
June - PVG SYD MEL ICN which HND and NGO would be my very first time hehe
Now looking forward to next month!

Now Everyone Can Fly Xtra Long!
Thank you AirAsia X, you make me a much happier person! haha
Well, sleep soon, gonna fly off to Perth tomorrow ^^
Ciaoz ~