Monday, August 18, 2014

I am Loving Osaka

I get to fly to Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan
I love Osaka the most
The infamous ferris wheel, breathtaking view regardless day time or night

I can just stand there seeing it moves slowly
Some kind of strange kind of touching feeling like you finally realize something, understood something
The wheel is this big, how big can your problem be? 
Why focus on a tiny matter when the world is that beautiful?
lol.. I can literally breathe in and out, amount-fully, go back to hotel and have a good night sleep
Tomorrow wake up, without this ferris wheel view, start thinking about my problem lol.. haha

Dress up free and easy to go out is always a pleasure
Unable to do when I was working in previous airline company

About food, ranged from RM15 and above
The meal above cost me RM20
Last time, I thought Australia cost a fortune, actually Japan and Korea are almost the same too
Cannot deny that I do miss Kuching, KK sometimes, meals are cheaper
Wait, let me recall, I did have a plate of noodle with shrimp and it cost me RM15 in Kuching
Furious... lol 
Well, foods make me happy, spend money on food, I am okay with that

Oops.. Caught right-handed with instant noodle at night lol
I really love eating but I also love saving money hahahaha
I wonder why am I constantly hungry lately, instant noodle helped to ease my hunger a little
Plus it ain't exactly expensive just not so nutritious

Hmm.. someone was speaking about nutritious foods, why smoking then? lol
It is entirely different issue here, just leave me alone lol

Oh ya.. Hotel provides free buffet breakfast
At level 54! Mid-Air restaurant is the place
Captured the amazingly stunning Osaka for my safe keeping

- The Front -

- The Starboard - 

- The Port -

These pictures stir some thoughts of ocean
I shall always remind myself
Don't have to try too hard to be someone that I was never gonna be
Trying too hard to create the impression that we are font of all knowledge, we are bound to disappoint
Trying too hard to be strong, places a great and unnecessary burden on us
Let's just know and accept who we are, warts and all..  A natural self confidence
I maybe not good enough, so what? Are you perfect? Always room for improvement
Yes.. Look and Listen more while talk lesser
And sometimes.. We just have to laugh, a joke or two a day, is what we all needed
I remember when I was so down, someone closest to me, hugged me with tears while telling me this
"I will tell you a joke a day, make you laugh ok? You will never be sad again"
Thinking about it, brings tears to my eyes. 
You are really my sweet heart, I love you.