Thursday, September 29, 2016

8th of Swords

28th September 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Be Myself

23rd September 2016
Yay, I hit duty free sales target!
2nd time in the month =)
Last duty free sales target achieved was like 2 months ago
Glad I was able to achieve target again 😊
On this flight, I realized that communication is what strengthen a relationship.
I shouldn't be surprised that there are people out there wanted the same thing I wanted and, I shouldn't be surprised too if some others wanted something else.
We just can't pretend that it is okay and to think that one fine day it's gonna be okay.
I'm grateful to learn that I know what I want and I'm just gonna have to do it 🙂

24th September 2016
It was a Taipei flight and as usual, passengers are mostly Malaysian
Quite a lot of family traveling together, many aunties uncles traveling with their adult sons and daughters
Strangest thing, I kept noticing their happy faces, they are really looking excited for this Taiwan trip
I begin to think, my family must be really excited too when we were on a trip
I shall bring them for another family trip next year 😊
I have a real good advantage
As an aircrew, I get real cheap flight ticket hehe 😝

These few days, back from CTU flight and I had my brother to pick me up from airport 
Went straight home, take power nap for like a 6 hours plus and woke up to prepare for another TPE flight
Parents fetched me to airport and of course my mum prepared fresh fruits as usual
My amazing mum, is either keep reminding me or she keeps forgetting that she said this again and again
"I notice that ever since you have fresh fruits for flight, you don't seem to have flu or cough easily, you're well for so many months"
*on the verge of tearing*
Thank you for being there for me all these time and especially current moment these 4 days.. Tough days 
Thank you ah Gor, papa and mama
Let's go out for dinner soon, I'm buying! 

I am just so amazed to see how two souls can be so in love with each other 
Not everyone will have such love
Not everyone will have such luck
If you have someone like that, everyday is a Valentine's Day 🍻

Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Year 2016

Hey bloggie,
My apology..
I've neglected you, abandoned you for so long
I would like to start blogging again,
A place for me to express myself.

The power of gratitude,
A challenge, or a kind of mediate way to heal oneself within,
Most importantly is to keep oneself happy always

May I share with you..
July 2016, I have ended my 10 years smoking habit.
Used to be a packet of cigarette a day
And I've switched to vaping.
Kindly take note that, Vaping is not smoking.
Cigarette contains 4000 or so harmful chemical while Vape Juice has only nicotine
I'm happy because I don't smell anymore
Now I understand how non smoker feels
Vaping... Smells sweet 😊

20th September 2016
To the lady travelled on OOL/KUL flight
Thank you for your kind words
It's my pleasure to serve you and it feels nice to serve you
I was on the verge of tears
It's been a while since my last passenger compliment and I kinda forgot how nice it feels
I will and I wanna continue to do the best of me to serve with pride and joy
Thank you lady, you got me all misty-eyed and I wish you all the best in life
We probably won't bump into each other again, I'll miss our little touching talks ☺️

23rd September 2016
Waking up in the middle of night, starving
Caught mum preparing for her day as early as 4ish a.m.
Ma, I'm hungry, I wanna have noodle
(Diet plan? Can suck my dick)
We talked, we exchanged thoughts
No one understands me better than my mum and I just wanna give her a hug
Too shy to do so though
She said, just follow your instincts
And I nodded
Thank you ma for the good talk
Someone said too, it's what your heart wants... Deep huh
Thank you ma for preparing fresh fruits for me to bring to flight later
The other day one crew asked, who prepared all these? 
Oh it's my mum!
Wow.. I want a boyfriend like your mum! I want my boyfriend to prepare fruits for me too just like your mum. I want to marry someone like your mum. 
Errr.. Thanks? 
And yes.. I have a wonderful, capable, lovely, 100% fantastic mum and I love you ma ❤️
Thank you for being there explaining to me bout life. Follow your instincts, I'll remember that 🙂

Alright.. A few hours to go before waking up and prepare for flight. It's gonna be so tiring for this coming 4 days but I'll do my best.. Always.
For those of you, who is working hard like me to earn a living.. High five! Let's do this! Ciao for now!