Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Roller Coaster Year 2016

A bit of here and there
Recently flew to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Stayed for 2 nights and it was simply like a hometown visit
Last year went for this Flynas Charter based in Jeddah for 4 months
Money was really good, but I missed out one important event in my life, we will come to that later


My fellow teammate of Jeddah flight! My favorite!
7 out of 8 were originally MAS crew, including myself ☺️
Had so much fun in this flight! Thanks for flight guys!


#nofilter #jeddah


3rd December 2016
Attended a friend's wedding dinner
Along with my bestie 



I got all excited and it's been years since my last wedding dinner
We talked bout dress code, white it is!
Should I keep my hair down or up this time? Lol


There she is! The beautiful bride! 
She looks like a princess to me, really 😍
Really happy to see her in wedding gown 
Ah Ling, I sincerely wish you a happy and blissful marriage! 


Sitting down there while waiting for courses by courses
We talked bout things just like we always do
Suddenly it occurred to me
That one biggest regret in my life 
I missed out Evon's wedding last year when I was in Jeddah
I apologized to her over and over again
I am not in her wedding picture
I was not there as "bridesmaid"
I am terribly sorry.. 
I can't turn back time 
I can make another promise
I am going to be your offspring's god daddy
I will sayang he or she or them a lot! Promise! 


After the dinner, grabbed extra 3 more big bottles of beer
Chilled at Elroy's place as usual
Talk ah talk ah talk ah~ 
Evon talked about something related to her past
I went straight to her and hugged her
My Evon girl, she is one hell of the strongest species in the world
Vincent ah Vincent, please sayang her like a princess
And treat her like a queen too ya


The 3 of us, Evon Elroy Crason
23 years of friendship and still counting
Kind of an achievement I would say
I kinda lost count, how many times I cried in front of them
Hahahha hahhaha that's so embarrassing 
And that's also one of the best thing in the world
I can just be myself in front of them
Talk about everything, no shame no worries no fear
And the best of all, no judgement too!
I miss this, we should totally do it more often!
I love you guys so much!


As we go on collecting days
I would like to believe that I did all I can along the way
To try to work things out, to try my level best
Looking back, and compared it to current situation
I realize that
I tried to change, I couldn't improvise it
I tried to adapt, and I couldn't accept it
I tried to ignore too, telling myself it's alright
I tried, and I know that you tried hard too..
What's left? 
We are both tired and we just don't wanna try anymore
We grew tired of each other.. how sad is that


The partner you have right now
Must be someone who helps you to be a better you
To accept you, thereafter your family and your friends
To be a good listener and you don't need to blog anymore 
To do pillowtalk and yet never be tired to do it again & again
To love you as the whole you
If I won't be able to find someone like the abovesaid
I don't mind to go watching movie alone again like today
To continue to blog again like tonight
To drink alone in my room again like every other night
To wake up in the morning to find no one beside of me
To just.. go on with my life 
But I'll be happily spending my time with my family
With my friends and enjoy my own time


Please don't get me wrong
I'm still pretty much positive about falling in love
It requires faith and confidence and trust and fate too
Some lucks as well, don't you think?
I shall wait for you..
Never be afraid to fall in love again! 
Be brave and go out there! 
Hunt for love! 


Year 2016
I've promoted to Senior Cabin Crew
I've successfully quit smoking
I've successfully quit you.. 
Happy birthday to you 05/12/2016
Didn't wish you in person doesn't mean I've forgotten bout you.. btw.. how are you? 

Year 2017
I just want to be happy
Could be the most not specific kind of year in 2017
7 is one lucky number!
Just bring whatever to me and I shall see how it goes
Be happy! Be contented! Be fruitful! Be happy! 


η­‰ζˆ‘ε–” ❤️️